CIRCE Scientific receives R&D funds from AEI (Spanish State Research Agency)

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The project  DEVELOPMENT OF HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE POLYPHENOL BASED COMBINATIONS TO PREVENT AND TREAT OXIDATIVE STRESS AND CELLULAR DNA DAMAGE OF DIFFERENT AETYOLOGIES, leaded by CIRCE Scientific, has been selected to receive over 1,1M Eur in combined grants and soft loans. CIRCE Scientific, the University of Valencia and Eurecat, applied for funds on the Public-Private Collaboration Projects call.


This funding will permit identifying new polyphenol cocrystals and testing combinations of polyphenols based in some CIRCE Scientific’s cocrystals. These combos will be tested in different in vivo models (ionizing radiation, strenuous exercise) and will help understand the mechanisms of action involved in the protective effects of these combinations.


Dr.Obrador (Univ. Valencia) recently led an investigation of polyphenols combinations to reduce the pernicious effects of ionizing radiation. The tested combination was able to revert the lethal effects of the ionizing radiation. Instead of 100% deaths two months after exposure to lethal radiation, the group treated with the combo achieved 95% of survival rate after one year. However, the low solubility of some of the combo components can be a relevant limitation to take this combination to the market, so that the society can easily benefit from these findings.


CIRCE Scientific has developed cocrystals with increased solubility and bioavailability, that may be helpful in solving these limitations. CIRCE Scientific will search for new cocrystals of other considered polyphenols. The combination of highly bioavailable polyphenols are envisaged as the basis of an oral and highly effective dietary supplement with preventive action in ionizing radiation-based damage.


Eurecat technology center, through the participation of its Biotechnology Area, which comprises the Nutrition and Health Unit and the Centre for Omics Sciences, which is a mixed unit made up with Rovira i Virgili University, will also test the developed oral combinations in in vivo and human clinical trials to show the preventive effects of the developed combination with regards to oxidative stress-induced damage. Eurecat coordinates the Cervera Red Tecnomifood Network of excellence, aimed to integrate omics science to make it easier for businesses to access these technologies and optimise their use at all stages of the value chain in the design and evaluation of functional ingredients and foods and nutraceuticals. Through omics sciences, the mechanisms involved on the protective effects of the developed combinations can be fully understood.


The developed combination will be tested both in animal models and in clinical trials to fully understand its potential to prevent damage associated to radiation from different sources (medical imaging, transoceanic flights, mining, nuclear…) and to reduce oxidative stress-associated damage, such as in certain conditions or just in strenuous exercise practice.


Prof.Estrela Research Group at the University of Valencia, has wide experience in the beneficial effects of polyphenols, and specifically in their potential to prevent radiation effects.


Both units of the Biotechnology Area of Eurecat support and assist the agri-food sector in the field of bioactive ingredients, nutraceuticals and functional foods and have been involved in the development and pre-clinical and clinical research of tens of dietary ingredients as well as in the elucidation of their underlying mechanisms using omics sciences 


CIRCE Scientific is an innovative company focused on the improvement of already existing ingredients through its crystal engineering platform, to enhance their solubility, bioavailability, and or stability (among other potential physicochemical properties).

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