Improve Health & Longevity

Through scientifically enhanced active ingredients.

CIRCE Scientific focuses on improving healthy living and longevity

By applying our proprietary crystal engineering platform, we aim to dramatically optimize the health benefits of known active ingredients such as pterostilbene, ubiquinol, sitosterol and vitamin D, in order to develop innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products in emerging health and longevity markets for humans and pets.

A Highly Bioavailable

Through cocrystal engineering CIRCE Scientific has developed PTEROSTILBENE++. This unique patented combination improves pterostilbene bioavailability 10-fold, to unlock the full benefits of this known active ingredient.

A Highly Stabilized

CIRCE Scientific has developed a unique patented combination of ubiquinol and protocatechuic acid (PCA) that stabilizes ubiquinol, avoiding its oxidation and  making it 25% more bioavailable.

A Highly Efficient

Through cocrystal engineering CIRCE Scientific has developed a combination of Beta-sitosterol and propionic acid which improves sitosterol water solubility 7-fold, improving its natural health benefits.

A Highly Stabilized

CIRCE Scientific has discovered a new crystalline form of Vitamin D3 much more stable that can become the basis for very efficient formulations of Vitamin D3 which fulfills the stability requirements of industrial applications.

What Makes Us Different

CIRCE Scientific has discovered new solid forms (cocrystals) of selected ingredients to improve healthy living and longevity. CIRCE Scientific unique technology presents significant improvements compared with original ingredients in regards to key parameters such as solubility, stability, and/or bioavailability unlocking their health benefits and market potential.

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Scientific News

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Healthy Aging News

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