Skin Longevity and Health

Introducing Pteroyouth, a patented rejuvenating solution. Versatile and multifunctional, it safeguards skin health against sun damage, environmental stressors, and the effects of aging.

A multifunctional solution to combat aging signs, including skin

Pteroyouth is a revolutionary formula that combines and enhances natural compounds with scientifically proven effectiveness on health and longevity.

The 12 signs of aging are a common concern for many individuals, as time can leave its mark on the skin. These signs include fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, loss of elasticity, dullness, enlarged pores, dehydration, volume loss, lack of radiance, uneven texture, and sensitivity, among others. Pterostilbene and picolinic acid are two compounds gaining popularity in the cosmetic industry because they help reverse these signs.

Internal studies have shown that Pteroyouth can increase collagen production and deposition while reducing enzymes that degrade it, resulting in visibly firmer and more elastic skin. But more importantly, it has proven to be a game-changer in strongly protecting tissue exposed to UVA/UVB radiation and repairing it in cases where damage has already occurred.

Pteroyouth is more than just a sunscreen, as its protective effect focuses on stimulating the body’s own defenses, ensuring the skin remains strong and resilient throughout the day, not just after product application. It’s important to remember that radiation is currently the primary external factor leading to premature skin aging and an increased risk of developing diseases like cancer.

It’s scientifically proven that Pteroyouth:

Synergies in favor of health and longevity

Understanding that the primary cause of premature skin aging is exposure to UV radiation and ionizing radiation, such as that received in certain medical treatments, a unique combination was developed to provide unparalleled defense to the tissue against this damage, not only repairing it but more importantly, preventing it.

Pteroyouth was strategically combined with the natural flavonoid silibinin and a potent stimulator of NAD+ production (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). Silibinin is a natural compound derived from milk thistle, widely known for its antioxidant properties, while NAD+ is an essential coenzyme crucial for energy production and DNA repair.

In internal studies, an incredibly powerful in vivo effect of this combination has been demonstrated, protecting and repairing damage caused by UVA/UVB rays and exposure to ionizing radiation, making it a revolutionary product with unprecedented results.

Thanks to cocrystal technology, Pteroyouth enhances the proven benefits of its components, allowing skin cells to harness their health and longevity. Moreover, for optimal results, combining it with products like Pterovita contributes to holistic beauty care, promoting “Beauty from within.”


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Pteroyouth Technology

The key to Pteroyouth’s success in promoting skin health and longevity lies in its innovative composition. Comprised of a cocrysal of pterostilbene and picolinic acid, Pteroyouth maximizes and harnesses the best of nature through its patented technology.

A cocrystal is a new crystalline form that combines two or more different molecules to create a structure with improved physicochemical properties compared to the individual components. This innovative approach to molecular engineering creates a synergy between both compounds.



Biotechnological active ingredient that helps to maintain a healthy skin when exposed to UVA, UVB rays, and ionizing radiation. It provides antioxidant support and helps skin modulate inflammation response, modulate pigmentation associated with environmental stresses and age and boosts the activity of sirtuins.

Active molecules

Pterostilbene: Picolinc Acid cocrystal


Yellow powder


Skin care products


Soluble in lipidic and some aqueous solutions


Resveratrol Dimethyl Ether (and) Picolinic Acid

CAS Number

Pterostilbene: 537-42-8
Picolinic acid: 98-98-6

EC Number

Pterostilbene: 611-041-4
Picolinic acid: 202-719-7





Gluten Free

for Vegans

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