The technology

What is cocrystal technology?

COCRYSTALS are a combination of components, an active ingredient and a coformer, which interact on a molecular level and crystallize in the same crystal lattice.  This unique combination shows improved physicochemical properties compared with the free active ingredient crystal.

What is the added value?

Poor aqueous solubility and low oral bioavailability are the major constraints to unlock the full health benefits of active ingredients.

CIRCE Scientific has discovered new solid forms (cocrystals) of selected ingredients for the healthy living and longevity that present huge improvements compared with the original ones in regards to solubility, stability, and bioavailability, unlocking their health benefits and market potential.

New forms also allow product diversification and new product patents.

Improved products (better stability, solubility, bioavailability)

Can be formulated for further improvement

New product patents (Extended protection)

Viable solid form allows product diversification

Crystal engineering software

CIRCE Scientific has developed an advanced technological platform to identify new crystalline solid forms of active ingredients with improved properties and a prediction tool that supports experimental research to maximize the guarantees of success while reducing costs.