What is β-Sitosterol?

Phytosterols are plant steroids with a structure similar to cholesterol, and are widely distributed in the plant kingdom and specially found in vegetable oil, nuts, seeds and avocados. However, they are not synthesized by the human body and therefore their presence in the body is the result of their consumption as part of the diet.

Particularly, the β-Sitosterol is the most common dietary phytosterol.

Sitosterol properties

Beta-sitosterol is useful for the reduction of serum total cholesterol and LDL levels. In fact, beta-sitosterol has been approved by the FDA (Food and drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for that indication.

Research has also shown that it may have activities such as:






However, standard sitosterol has low bioavailability due to low water solubility, being normally used in ester form and added to high-fat foods, doubling manufacturing cost and resulting in stability issues and off-flavour formation.




Beta-Sitosterol COCRYSTAL

Through cocrystal engineering, CIRCE Scientific has developed a unique proprietary combination of sitosterol and propionic acid which on a molecular level, improves its water solubility 7 times, making it much more efficient than other existing oral alternatives and improving sitosterol natural health benefits.

Sitosterol cocrystal reduced the cholesterol increase much better than sitosterol itself in in-vivo study in hamsters fed with an obesogenic diet (22 days), with equivalent doses.

Health benefits of CIRCE’s highly enriched Beta-Sitosterol Cocrystal

CIRCE Scientific cocrystallized sitosterol provides unique additional health benefits:

1 x

Improves its water solubility 7 times

Improved reduction of cholesterol increase

Lower GPT levels

May decrease levels of hepatosteatosis biomarkers

Improved effect on obesity

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