What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is a stilbenoid found in many natural sources, predominantly in blueberries.

It is chemically related and has the antioxidant benefits of the more well-known resveratrol, but their differences make pterostilbene more bioavailable and with a significantly longer half-life leading to an improved antioxidant potency.

Pterostilbene is used in functional food and beverages, and supplements due to its potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and sirtuin activation (longevity) properties.

Pterostilbene properties

May help in slowing the aging process due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and sirtuin activation (longevity) properties

Boosts brain health & may help in neurodegeneration prevention

May help improving cardiovascular health

May help in regulating blood sugar

Due to its structural characteristics, standard pterostilbene exhibits better bioavailability and half-life than resveratrol.

However standard pterostilbene’s oral bioavailability remains low, at only 5-16% of the total intake due to a low solubility, which lowers its oral biological effectiveness and its more powerful health benefits are only achieved when dosed by intra-peritoneal or intra-venous injection which is not a practical way of taking nutraceuticals. 



A Highly Bioavailable


Through cocrystal engineering, CIRCE Scientific has developed PTEROVITA, a proprietary Pterostilbene cocrystal combination that is >35 times more soluble than commercial pterostilbene, and 10fold more bioavailable (99%+), becoming the most potent oral nutraceutical antioxidant ever seen. This allows for higher potency with lower doses and even to develop new antiaging/antioxidant oral formulations with a potency that was impossible before.

We commercialize the ingredients directly, in the form of improved raw material to food, supplement, cosmetic, feed, or pharmaceutical companies.

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Health benefits of PTEROVITA

CIRCE Scientific cocrystal pterostilbene provides unique additional health benefits

75 %

reaches up to 99% of the oral bioavailability intake

25 x

improves pterostilbene dissolution rate 35 fold

+ 0

10-fold higher bioavailability than regular pterostilbene

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