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CIRCE Scientific is an emerging nutraceutical ingredient company founded in 2012 and engaged in improving health and longevity. 

The company was founded by Fernando Barrera, expert in technology transfer and Dr. Rafel Prohens, expert in Crystal Engineering. 

What we do best

We focus on unlocking the health benefits of well known nutraceutical ingredients such as pterostilbene, ubiquinol, sitosterol or vitamin D. 

We develop new functional ingredients through cocrystal technology with unique enhanced properties such as greater bioavailability, stability and solubility for nutraceuticals and cosmetics. 

Intensive research, in vitro and in vivo studies have confirmed the health benefits provided by CIRCE Scientific’s enhanced functional ingredients.

Preparing for the Future

Our mission

Improve health and longevity through scientifically enhanced ingredients for nutraceuticals and cosmetics. 




Our flagship nutraceutical product

CIRCE Scientific has developed

CIRCE Scientific has developed



A unique pterostilbene cocrystal combination dissolves 35 faster and is 10 times more bioavailable in comparison with standard pterostilbene.

Key Investment Highlights


We operate in the fast growing health and longevity market. +7.2% CAGR over the next 10 years.


As the world’s population ages, interest in longevity supporting supplements is growing fast.


Circe Scientific focuses on improving the health benefits of well known nutraceutical ingredients and overcoming the important limitations related to their performance in humans.


We have 5 ingredients patented and tested; Pterostilbene, Ubiquinol, Beta-sitosterol and Vitamin D3 and D2; now starting their go to market. Six other compounds in the pipeline, progressing to validation.


Our extensive pipeline targets include supplements, cosmetics, functional food for longevity, DNA damage repair and prevention, brain health, radioprotection, cardiovascular health and sports nutrition.


We have started manufacturing and selling our first product PTEROVITA in Q1 2023 (USA). As a second product PTEROYOUTH has been launched - which brings Pterostilbene’s youth-preserving power right to the skin.

Investment Opportunities

We, at CIRCE Scientific, are open to discuss investment opportunities with interested parties on a non-disclosure basis.

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CIRCE Scientific has been qualified innovative SME by the Ministry of Science and is financially supported by: